Publications and other contributions

Research Publications

Gut microbiome, diet, and conservation of endangered langurs in Sri Lanka

Katherine R. Amato | Sahana Kuthyar | Marcy Ekanayake-Weber |
Roberta Salmi | Noah Snyder-Mackler | Lasanthi Wijayathunga |
Rajnish Vandercone | Amy Lu

Mixed‑species associations and attempted mating suggest hybridization between purple‑faced and tufted gray langurs of Sri Lanka

Amy Lu | Don Geethal Ramyanath Sirimanna
| Lasanthi Wijayathunga |Rajnish Vandercone
| Roberta Salmi

Random Walk Analysis of Ranging Patterns of Sympatric Langurs in a Complex Resource Landscape

Rajnish Vandercone | Kaushalya Premachandra | Gayan Pradeep Wijethunga | Chameera Dinadh |Kithsiri Ranawana , and Sonya Bahar

Dietary Diversity and Food Selection in Hanuman Langurs (Semnopithecus entellus) and PurpleFaced Langurs (Trachypithecus vetulus) in the Kaludiyapokuna Forest Reserve in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka

Rajnish P. Vandercone | Chameera Dinadh | Gayan Wijethunga | Kitsiri Ranawana | David T. Rasmussen

Monographs And Book Chapters

The Natural History of Primates

A Systematic Survey of Ecology and Behavior

Authors: Robert W. Sussman | Donna Hart | Ian. C. Colquhoun

The interest in primates, from lemurs to gorillas, has never been greater. Primatologists are continually finding evidence in the behavior and ecology of our closest genetic relatives that sheds light on human origins. So, just who are these 520+ species of complex and intelligent mammals inhabiting the Neotropics, Africa, Madagascar, and Asia?

Contributions To Policy Development

National Policy Directives for Management of Human – Wildlife Conflict (HWC) in Sri Lanka

The Department of Wildlife Conversation, Sri Lanka

Dr Jinie Dela (Team Leader) | Dr Rajnish Vandercone (Co-team Leader) | Dr UKGK Padmalal | Prof Chamalie Nahallage | Dr Saman Gamage