Our Camp

Kaludiyapokuna Primate Conservation and Research Center

Our field houses are located 3.5 km from Kaludiyapokuna forest and provide living quarters, a basic laboratory and kitchen and dining facilities. Research assistants live in shared quarters and have access to clean running water and electricity. 

For research assistants, life in the field comprises forest days and camp days. A typical forest day starts at 6.00 AM, when you travel to the field site on a motorcycle or a tuk tuk. There, you will find and follow groups of monkeys and record data until 6.00 PM. When you get back to camp, you will back up the data into the project laptop and external hard drives. You will clean these data on your camp days. Beside data cleaning, you will also have other responsibilities on camp days. These responsibilities include cleaning your living quarters, preparing sample tubes and equipment, shopping for essentials, and if you so desire, help make delicious rotis for lunch on the following days. All research assistants have day offs every month, on which you are welcome to stay in camp or travel around.