Kaludiyapokuna Primate Conservation and Research Center

KPCRC is excited to partner with Oklahoma City Zoo to establish a new initiative-The Sri Lankan Elephant Project

The Sri Lankan Elephant Project is a collaboration between biologists from the Oklahoma City Zoo (US) and the University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka. The project conducts integrative research on elephant behavior, ecology, and physiology and also collaborate with local communities to characterize human attitudes and relations with elephants. This information will be used to inform and develop sustainable solutions to improve both elephant and human welfare in the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

BBC write up on the significance of Kaludiyapokuna Forest Reserve to biodiversity conservation in Sri Lanka

The write up summarizes the importance Kaludiyapokuna Forest Reserve (KRF) in terms of biodiversity and the role of KRCRC in conserving primates and other biodiversity of KFR ( https://www.bbc.com/sinhala/articles/cw48k81w3nmo).

Field workshop

The Kaludiyapokuna Primate Conservation Center (KPCRC) conducted a workshop on primate behavior and behavior sampling methods for students of the Zoological Association of the University of Peradeniya (ZAUP) on the 11th of June 2023. Participants were provided a brief introduction to Sri Lankan primates and their conservation and behavior data collection methods, including the use of Animal Observer Software. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Roberta Salmi of University of Georgia, Dr. Rajnish Vandercone of University of Peradeniya (formally Rajarata University) and Alexandra Hofner of University of Georgia, with the assistance of Charith Madushan, Wasana Rajapkasha and Rashini Fernando of KPCRC. The program was partly supported by Occidental Paradise Hotel, Dambulla.

Visit by the Ambassador of the United States of America

The Kaludiyapokuna Primate Conservation Center (KPCRC) hosted Julie Chung, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Sri Lanka on the 26 th of July 2023. Rajarata University and KPCRC has facilitated the work of US scholars and students in Sri Lanka. The ambassador was briefed on the collaborations between KRCRC and US institutions and challenges faced by Sri Lankan primates and wildlife in general.