Conservation Education

Kaludiyapokuna Primate Conservation and Research Center

Camera trapping and acoustics by Alli, also  human surveys and utilizing apps to collect conservation data more effectively and share

We are passionate about developing conservation capacity through providing employment opportunities, internships, and volunteer positions  to both local and international students. Field staff receive training in behavior sampling methods using specialized software and collecting biological samples for microbiome and parasitological analysis, genomic and noninvasive endocrinological analysis. Field staff also have the opportunity to develop their own projects leading towards obtaining a higher degree and participate in the publication process.

Here we can have a short description of the workshop we organized in 2019 for over 80 Rajarata undergraduate students on wildlife monitoring

Workshop -2019 (Rajarata University Students)
Workshop- 2009 (Grassroots conservation group)

Currently, PhD student Alli Hoftner is conducting her study on human-wildlife interactions, and the vocalizations of purple faced and gray langurs. She has employed 4 local assistants and has trained them in designing and conducting ethno-primatological surveys, setting up acoustical recorders, data analysis and research presentations. She has also utilized